At Inner Circle Karate,we offer the finest in Martial Arts training for men, women and children with over 25 years teaching experience. We emphasize enhancing students' self confidence, fitness and focus.  Students learn Karate and Kung-Fu based on their individual capabilities to reach their maximum potential.
Utilizing strength, cardiovascular, flexibility training,and practical techniques, we strive to provide each student with every opportunity to be successful.
We conduct private and group classes at our studio or at your facility.  We offer vacation camps, after school programs,demonstrations, tournaments and family lessons.  We now offer new classes including our "Sidekicks" program for children 3-5 years old.              
We are proud to have raised over
 $5,000 for "Autism Speaks" at our Kick-a-thons w/ more to come!

We are happy to provide continuous support Autism Speaks.


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